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New Age Mobility
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The Future of Personal Transportation is Here

We supply a range of kick scooters for kids and electric - kick scooters for adults.

Now that the Darwin City Council is going ahead with the  12 months trial of the Neuron electric hire scooters, you should be able to scoot your own e-scooter to work or wherever you desire.

We have joined inRent so you can own your e-scooter today. Pay as little as $13.35 each week for 36 months and keep your savings in the Bank.
Contact us for more details.

We carry the best brands of kick and electric scooters:


Why use a scooter?

  • It will help to develop the balance of your kids
  • It will keep you fit an healthy
  • Exercise with a kick scooter outdoors
  • Feel the freedom when you scoot
  • Avoid traffic jams at peak hours
  • Be independent and stop when and where you want
  • Go at your own pace

We have in stock:

Micro merlin from $1499.-
or $ 22.20 per week for 36 months with inRent


Inokim Super Light 2  from $ 1699.-
or $ 25.10 per week for 36 months with inRent

Segway Ninebot
ES2 $ 899.-

or $ 13.35 per week for 36 months with inRent

and Ninebot ES2 with Extended Battery fitted $ 1199.- or $ 17.75 per week for 36 months. This increases the speed to 30km/h and the distance to 45km.
Feature controls and firmware upgrades via the Segway App



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Scooters for fun, freedom and independence.


Introducing micro Scooter. (Love your journey)
Micro Scooters has the world’s best quality scooters and scooter accessories for ages 1+ to adult. The original kick scooter brand from Switzerland, Micro invented the first folding aluminium scooter back in 1996.
multi award winning Micro scooter brand has been distributed in Australia since 2007. Since then the brand has gained a strong, loyal following and is well recognised as the premium quality scooter brand.

Click here for micro Australia website

A premium quality brand

Impeccable Swiss design and engineering, top quality materials and vigorous testing ensure you won’t find a better scooter on the market. All Micro scooters come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, and the full range of spare parts are available making them excellent value for money. Micro scooters are designed with safety as a priority from the non-toxic handgrips, to the gap free folding block. Micro’s recreational scooters also have 120mm or larger diameter wheels on the front, a safety requirement under European law where most other scooters sold in Australia would fail.


Largest range of scooter to suit all ages.

Micro has the largest range of scooters to suit all ages, with 50+ models to choose from plus a wide range of helmets and accessories. From ride-ons that convert to scooters, preschool three wheelers, balance bikes, foldable kids’ two wheelers, and freestyle scooters. Their comprehensive range of adult scooters caters to every type of rider – from the weekend/family rider to the urban commuter.

Scooters are synonymous with kids getting to school and having fun.

Now adult scooting is becoming more and more popular - offering a hassle free, safe and easy way to beat traffic commuting or have a stress free school run.
Here is a link to the micro scooter buying guide.

The bestselling Mini Micro

The iconic Mini Micro is an essential piece of kit for any pre-schooler. It’s the original three wheel scooter, with a lean-to-steer mechanism similar to snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding that develops children’s balance and co-ordination skills. Micro mini is the most trusted scooter for kids by parents in the world.
 From $159,95

We have a fine range of mini micro colours in stock.


Scooters for school kids

Micro two and tree wheeled aluminium kids’ scooters are foldable and lightweight, and bestselling for school aged kids, getting them to and from school safely and keeping them off the couch in the weekends.


Scooters for adults

The Micro adult scooter range is full of scooters built for speed and comfort. All our adult scooters are foldable and lightweight making them a practical choice for commuters, easily taken on public transport and no problem to take into work and store under their desk.


MX Freestyle scooters

Micro MX series freestyle scooter have been designed from the beginner to the advanced rider.
They are lightweight, strong, well balanced and built for performance.


How to do scooter tricks in the skate park:



Inokim a brand with quality scooters for speed and long distance.
Click here for the link to Inokim Australia

Inokim Super Light 2 - Ecoscooters

Inokim OX. Probably the most powerful e-scooter available.

Inokim Quick 3R Super - Ecoscooters


We have the Nineboth Kick Scooter ES2 and ES4