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New Age Mobility

Unit 26/16 Charlton Crt. Woolner

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We are here to help. We sell, hire and service mobility aids.

You want to be independent and mobile

Making Choices..... Finding Solutions

Mobility aids
can play a vital role in supporting the way in which millions of elderly and disabled people live their lives by enabling them to live more independently, safely and healthily.
For example, they can assist elderly and disabled people in carrying out daily living activities, accessing their place of employment and a wider range of social and leisure activities. Mobility aids can also enable some users to continue living in their own homes rather than having to move into residential care. In addition, mobility aids can reduce the risk of accidents or injuries related to restricted mobility.

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Sunday and Public holidays: closed

Home Automation for the elderly:

The form of home automation focuses on making it possible for older adults and people with disabilities to remain at home, safe and comfortable. Home automation is becoming a viable option for older adults and people with disabilities who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes rather than move to a healthcare facility. This field uses much of the same technology and equipment as home automation for security, entertainment and energy conservation but tailors it towards older adults and people with disabilities. Click here to see what New Age Electronics new division of Home Automation can offer you.

Home automation for healthcare can range from very simple alerts to lavish computer controlled network interfaces. Some of the monitoring or safety devices that can be installed in a home include lighting and motion sensors, environmental controls, video cameras, automated timers, emergency assistance systems, and alerts.


Hire rates:

Mobility scooters. Fee is $100.- per week, $350.- for 4 weeks.

Self propelled wheelchairs. Fee is $ 45.- per week, $ 160.- for 4 weeks.

Self propelled wheelchair with leg support. Fee is $ 65.- per week, $ 240.- for 4 weeks.

Transit wheelchairs. Fee is $ 45.- per week, $ 160.- for 4 weeks.

Walkers with wheels. Fee is $ 20.- per week.

Wheelchairs can be hired for a day or a weekend. Fee is $10.- per day or $ 30.- per weekend.

What kind of product is right for me?
This is a question many people are faced with today. Our one-on-one consultations help us understand your specific needs so we can find the perfect solution for you. Finding the right aid can greatly improve your quality of life.    If you don't have an idea of what you should or can get, feel free to browse our website for different types of mobility aids available from us or simply call us on 89421549


    Mobility Scooters offer you great benefits and improve every day living: 

  •  It empowers people with mobility problems to do tasks on there own
  • It is designed specifically to enhance a persons independence
  • It promotes a better way of living a quality life
  • It allows a person to continue living the most preferred lifestyle with less difficulty
  • It is more convenient to use than the ordinary wheelchair

We have the biggest range of walkers available in Darwin.